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  current program
    Broadcaster: Wasteland
    Program: Sweet is the night
    Duration:    01:00 - 07:30
    Genre: Classical music
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 Tap the link at the bottom of this text. The browser will store the application in the Downloads folder.

Goto files --> downloads and tap the " -The_Wasteland_Radio_4680028.apk " to install it. The player will be installed on the desktop.

It is quite possible that your android refuses the installation. This is because the installation from unsafe sources is blocked. To overcome this you must enable this option:
Go to settings --> advanced settings --> security --> Unknown sources -- drag the switch to the right to enable this option.

Next find the downloaded aplication:
Goto files --> downloads and tap the " -The_Wasteland_Radio_4680028.apk ". Tap it to install. The player will be install on the desktop

Tap here to open the download page for the application


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>> time wasted

orneo bw

... αλλ' άφοβε, στον κόσμο αυτό
που κατοικεί ο Τρόμος,

πες μου με ειλικρίνεια, υπάρχει δω
στον κόσμο 
της λύπης κανά
βάλσαμο που δίνει η Ιουδαία;

Πες μου!", μα κείνο απάντησε:
"Ποτέ πια τώρα!" ...
Edgar Allan Poe  - "the raven"

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